Genius Hour Blog 3

So this is my last blog with this project. I learned so much about special needs. Heath taught me so much new stuff that I didn’t know of.  Now that I learned that A.D.H.D.  is a birth defect to younger children.  It’s hard to not cry when u think about it. You can’t control what you do when you have A.D.H.D. Most people think why are you waste you time helping a child with a disorder . One of my friends have A.D.H.D, he gets mad very easy it scares me. People tell me don’t waste your time, be cause it not worth it. I want to be a teacher and know about how I can help out with anything. That here are some people that have the disorder that we might know. This project is worth working my butt off. It scares me that people who have kids will start to get all these disorders.

Genius Hour Blog 2

I have been working with a special needs kid,His Heath. I seen the way he’s learning. He has really bad A.D.H.D. He tells me that he has a hard time reading. He’s been doing okay with math. You can tell that this child is having a hard time in school. To me he has a special gift. You can understand what Heath going through with his disorder. I want to earn his trust. He told me so many interesting things about his family and friends. I was almost about to cry when he told me alot about him. He has a special gift that no one can see, but me on the other hand can see he has a gift. Maybe not in your guys eye’s, but I can see that Heath got a gift. I haven’t really know him that long, but  I this child will have a furtherone day. He always put a smile on my face when I was feeling down. It’s like I could tell him everything,but he wouldn’t want to know everything. He has one of the biggest heart ever. Its like he would if something was wrong. He has a big heart maybe not to all of the people out there, but to me he has a big heart. He works so well with others. I saw how he was he got along with the people he worked with. I just hope he will trust me.

Genius Hour Blog

I decide to focus on how  I can help a special needs kids to not feel alone. This important to me because it will teach me how kids with disorders. It will be hard,but at the same time it will help the kid out. I want to learn how to react when I have a kid in a class room. I want to be one of those people that help kids with these disorders. To help out kids with disorders. These disorders are really hard on kids. Some of them don’t know what to do. I see these kids that have different disorders. They look really sad, they all look like they get bullied. They want to be treated the same as we students that don’t have disorders. I want to help them feel like they have someone to talk to when they need someone to listen. Some people think like ya this won’t happen to any of my family members. I just hope this project is worth doing. It’s going to be hard,but I will make sure every student get treated equally. I’m nervous,but at the same time I know what I’m doing. I want to make this place as special as I can.its going to be a tough job to do, but I’m ready for the challenge. It will be challenging,but I will get it done. My goal is to make a new friend along the way. I hope I can get their trust. I will be a great way to think about my future career.


I went to WIT for my college which was amazing. It was worth looking at for my college visit. I’m thinking that I would like to go to college there. They show us some of the programs that we can be in. The dorms were pretty, you can get a dorm with four rooms with two different baths or you can have a dorm with one room and a full kitchen. The people that was giving us a tour told us that we will be making them food when we go here. They even have a bakery area that we can bake stuff, after we get done with the baking we can learn how to make food in restaurant. There is so much that we can do at the college. I thinking about going to that college for two years, then go to a different college for my other two years. We have different dorms that we can  stay in. Behind one there is a trail that we can go on. There’s a pond in the back of one of the dorms that we can fish in. All of us students that went to WIT are thinking about going there for college. I think that will be a amazing place to go to college. It sounds like we have amazing teachers there. I have to change my college plans. #GO COMETS!!!!!!!!!!

Week 10, Farwell for now

How many posted did you do? I did all of them. How many were based on school? Mostly all of them, but not all of them. How many comment did you recvive? I got most of them from teachers and   mentor. Which posted recive more comments? What all happen to my grandpa in year 2004. Which post I enjoy writting? I enjoyed written the post about my grandpa at the same time it was hard to write with all the sadness. Did you change the blog thing and why? Ya,because it would be better if I change it. How many widgets? How many or wasn’t a enough? To me I don’t know how many, but it wasn’t a enough to do . How many over seas students do you have in your blogroll? I don’t have any students over at the sea that is on my blogroll. What web tool did you use on my blog? I used mostly google and  a whole bunch of things for my blog.

Camping trips

I go camping all the time over the summer. I get to see so many intresting things when I’m out in the campsite all the time. Me and my family go on hikes when we are there it is really fun to do that with my family. We have a blast with that, we sometimes even take pictures of us kids climb trees when we get bored. Its the best feeling that you will ever have with your family. Its kinda like we spend time together from home. We see all kinds of different animals when we are on hikes. Its so much fun being with the family,you mite not know this but I have a blast with the family. We all have a lot of thing that makes us happy to be with the family. To natural is one of the best thing to have with all your friends and family.

Me and my family we have that special bond that we go camping for us to  spend time with the camping trip. Are camping trip is fun we all have a blast with each other.We also ride horses there because they have trails there it so much fun. We always find different place to stop and take a break from riding horse, we always don’t stop at the same place like we did last time. We always have a blast at everything we stop. If we find water we always take a swim before we start to ride on the trails. I enjoy doing that with my family it’s just a get away from school, fights, drama.

We have are own little thing that we do. We get are own tents its so fun when you get your own tent. My mom and dad let’a me invite friends to come camping with us.  I get to have a blast with them all the time.

Briggs Woods small cabin 1© Jessica Johnson


Briggs Woods small cabin 1© Jessica Johnson


The comments that we did

Nice story jermey

I went to this guys  blog he was one that I could enjoy reading his blog. He is a really good story  telling us about robots. It’s actually one of the blogs that intrest me he tell us what he all knows about robots. He told us about all kinds of things on robots. He is 13 he teach us about robots. He even looked up videos to teach us about robots. He made me want to learn more about robots and learn what they do and he worked really hard on the post that he posted.

What my family eats

On the hoildays we have just something that we eat all the time. We spend are time making the food for a special day.  We get up early to start making are food before are guest come. Me and my mom work are butts off trying to make food for everyone. It takes about three or four hours to make the food for everything thing to get done before for are guest come to are house.  We even have a new years eve party it the blast. We all stay up until midnight, we even have drinks and food which is really good. Me and my mom make a lot of food for are family. We have so much food that is left when we are done eating. We have a lot of fun seeing are family even thought they live in town. It’s fun just hanging with my family even though we see each other in once while when we want to hang with them.

What all happen to my grandpa

My grandfather past away on October 19,2004. He died when he was (55) years old. He fell asleep behind the wheel and it hit the truck head on. He died at the scene of the car crash. He left his wife ( Sandra Brennan) his three kids and his seven grand kids. My grandma was heart broken,but she had us grand kids to help keep it together. My dad blame himself, because he woke so he could move the trucks for my dad to go to work. When us grand kids found out about are grandpa we all started to get really upset. It was the hardest thing that happen to are family we all try to stay strong, but we couldn´t do that. We all couldn´t stay strong we all ran out of the funeral, we couldn´t believe that are grandpa died. We all though it was a dream, but we knew we weren´t in a dream. If you saw how hard it was to lose are loved ones.We were hurt heart broken.


Raise your voice

Everyday there is a kid that get bullied in school. So many people lose their loved one, because they are getting bullied at school and it could happen at home too. I am raising my voice to people that are getting bullied. I see it all the time when I’m in school. Some of the people that get bullied. It can mess up people life’s every person has it in their it can be at school and online. The most that I see bullied is on any social media. I see post for example you are not pretty so go kill yourself and everyone will be happy when you are gone. There are so many people that are dying, because they are getting bullied online and at school. Some kids can’t sleep at night, because they have those mean words in their minds. I once was bullied I cry myself to sleep at night. when I waked up I always started to cry, but I always got up to go to school. When I got home I always ran to my bedroom to cry in a corner all the time. I almost lost all my friends that I have. I even lost some  of my close family members. I lost my best friend, because I didn’t tell her what was wrong. I always would always lock everyone out of my life. My mom always worried about me all the time. She would go check on my social media to see what was happening to her daughter. When my dad got home he would always ask my mom to see where I was. He knew something was hurting me when I would get up and get ready for school in the morning. When I got to school I always sat alone, because I was always made fun of. I saw a kid that was getting bullied. I walk up to the bully and said ” stop it”. The bully just look down at me and said” what are you going to do about it’? I told the bully ” I’m done being scared of you”. The bully got in my face and scream in it. I pushed him off of me and said this to him” go pick on some one your own size”. The bully looked at me one more time and walked away with his friends. I help the kid up and said they won’t be bothering you anymore and I made a new friend. We all get bully sometime in are life. Are life’s aren’t that perfect I don’t want my life to be perfect. We all have gotten bullied you can’t stop. There are so many people that have got hurt and they have became a bully.